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Internet Price List

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Controllers CardsCPU AMD / INTELFloppy Drive
MOTHERBOARDSNetwork Cards PCINetwork Switches & Routers
Network Cards WirelessPower Supplies, Surge Protectors & UPSSoftware
Sound Cards & SpeakersSwitch BoxesUSB & Misc Products
Video Cards PCI-Xpress


---- Network Cables ----0.00
CAT 5e (10/100/1000 BT) 3'or 5' Cable6.00
CAT 5e (10/100/1000 BT) 7'or 10' Cable8.00
CAT 5e (10/100/1000 BT) 14' Cable10.00
CAT 5e (10/100/1000 BT) 25' Cable13.00
CAT 5e (10/100/1000 BT) 50' Cable22.00
CAT 5e (10/100/1000 BT) 100' Cable32.00
CAT 5e 100/1000 1000ft Spool0.00
---- IDE/SCSI/Printer Cables ----0.00
Sata Power adapter 1/15.00
Sata Power adapter 1/27.00
IDE ATA/100-133 80 wire 2 devices5.00
IDE ATA/100-133 24in Braided Air-Flow Cable11.00
IDE ATA/100-133 35in Braided Air-Flow Cable14.00
SCSI/2 50pin (32in) 2 Device7.00
SCSI/3 68pin (32in) 4 Device14.00
SCSI/LVD U160 (36in) 5 Device17.00
---- Printer / Extention ----0.00
10' Printer Cable (Molded) 25w8.00
10' Printer Cable (IEEE 1284) 25w15.00
15' Printer Cable (IEEE 1284) 25w20.00
Switch Box Cable 25pin M/M (6ft)10.00
Keyboard or Monitor Extention (6ft)7.00
PS/2 Extention Cable KB/Mouse (6ft)7.00
USB 2.0 6ft A-B Printer/Scanner Cable8.00
USB 2.0 10ft A-B Printer/Scanner Cable9.00
USB 2.0 10ft A-A Extention Cable9.00


Mini Tower (FX629) MATX 350watt Black/Beige63.00
Mid Tower (FX776) 350watt Beige/Black65.00
Mid Tower 350w UL w/front usb 3.084.00
Full Size Tower Case w/o Power ic829099.00
Full Server Tower Cs w/o Power svr105114.00
4U Rackmount Case (no power) Chenbro165.00
2U Rackmount Case (no power) Chenbro239.00
---- Case Fans ----0.00
80mm Case Fan ball bearing10.00
92mm Case Fan double ball bearing11.00
120mm Case Fan (ball bearing)16.00


---- DVD Burners ----0.00
DVD_RW 22x Dual Layer SATA OEM23.00
DVD_RW 22x DL SATA Lightscribe OEM29.00
DVD-BluRay 16x Blu-Ray Writer Sata83.00

Controllers Cards

Parallel Port Card PCI Bus (1 Port)29.00
USB 3.0 Card (PCI Bus) 2 USB Ports39.00
1394 Firewire 3port (PCI) Retail37.00
Serial 2port (Startech) PCI Bus39.00
SATA 6g RAID (SIIG SA0R11-S1) PCIx 4channel92.00


---- AMD Athlon 64 FM2 / FM2+ ----0.00
AMD A6 5400K FM2 Dual Core retail box56.00
AMD A10 5800K FM2 Quad Core retail box114.00
AMD A6 7400K FM2+ Dual Core Retail66.00
AMD A8 7650K FM2+ Quad Core retail box106.00
AMD A10 7700K FM2+ Quad Core retail box128.00
AMD A10 7860k FM2+ Quad Core Retail Box148.00
-- Intel Pentium Socket 1150 --0.00
Intel G3240 3.0Ghz LGA 1150 Dualcore70.00
Intel G3460 3.3Ghz LGA 1150 Dualcore106.00
Intel i3 4150 3.4Ghz LGA 1150 Dualcore123.00
Intel i3 4370 3.8Ghz LGA 1150 Dualcore168.00
Intel i5 4460 3.2Ghz LGA 1150 Quadcore216.00
Intel i5 4570 3.2Ghz LGA 1150 Quadcore233.00
Intel i5 4690K 3.5Ghz LGA 1150 Quadcore281.00
Intel i7 4770 3.4Ghz LGA 1150 Quadcore357.00
Intel i7 4790K 3.8Ghz LGA 1150 QuadCore393.00
-- CPU Fans, Hdd Racks, Hdd Coolers --0.00
AMD - Intel Fan Socket A,Socket 37012.00
AMD Cpu Fan Socket 754, Socket 93912.00
Intel Fan Socket 77515.00
Hard Drive Enclosure USB2/3 (2 1/2)32.00
Hard Drive SATA External USB2 (3.5in)35.00

Floppy Drive

1.44Mb 3 1/2" Floppy (Black)12.00


--- Serial ATA SATA 6G ---0.00
500 Gig (Sea / WD) SATA 6G 7200/30057.00
1 Terabyte (seagate) sata 6g 720063.00
2 Terabyte (seagate) sata 6g 720087.00
3 Terabyte (seagate) sata 6g 7200111.00
4 Terabyte (seagate) sata 6g 5900155.00
--- SSD Sata 6g ---0.00
120gb ssd sata 6g oem kingston82.00
250gb ssd sata 6g oem kingston114.00
480gb ssd sata 6g oem kingston168.00
--- Notebook HDD ---0.00
500gb Sata 2.5"58.00
1 TB Sata 2.5"75.00


Chicony (PS/2) Beige/Black12.00
Chicony (USB) Black/Silver13.00
Keyboard & Optical Mouse USB v2 Black26.00
Microsoft Comfort Curve Black KB/Opt Mouse35.00
Microsoft Wireless Black KB/Optical Mouse52.00


-- Flash Drives --0.00
8.0gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive14.00
16.0gb Flash drive USB 3.020.00
32.0gb Flash drive USB 3.026.00
-- DDR 400 (DDR PC3200) --0.00
1.0Gb pc3200 SuperT 1 yr warranty42.00
-- DDR2 240pin (PC2) 667/800/1066 --0.00
2.0Gb DDR2 667MHz STT 1yr warranty37.00
2.0Gb DDR2 800MHz STT 1yr warranty40.00
-- DDR3 240pin (PC3) 1333/1600 --0.00
2Gb DDR3 1333mhz STT memory28.00
4Gb DDR3 1333mhz STT memory36.00
8Gb DDR3 1333mhz STT memory51.00
4Gb DDR3 1600 STT memory39.00
8Gb DDR3 1600 STT memory55.00
-- Notebook Memory --0.00
1.0Gb DDR2 667/800 SoDimm25.00
2.0Gb DDR2 667/800 SoDimm27.00
2.0Gb DDR3 1333 SoDimm30.00
4.0Gb DDR3 1333 SoDimm37.00
8.0Gb DDR3 1333 SoDimm52.00


USB Optical Mouse OEM10.00
-- Microsoft Mice --0.00
MS Intellimouse (beige) PS/2 ball7.00
MS Basic Mouse Optical Black OEM18.00
MS Intellimouse 5btn Optical Beige OEM38.00


56k v92 (Lucent/Intel) PCI Winmodem14.00


---- LCD Monitors ----0.00
19" ACER LCD Wide 700:1 5ms Digital/Analog 3yr124.00
20" ACER LCD Wide 800:1 1680x1050 5ms Digital138.00
22" ACER LCD Wide 700:1 1680x1050 5ms Digital152.00
24" LCD Wide 1000:1 1900x1200 5ms DVI175.00


--- AMD Athlon 64 Socket AM3/FM1/FM2 ---0.00
MB_Gigabyte (MA78MT-S2P) AM3 VGA/DDR3/SATA2/GbLAN/Raid71.00
MB_Gigabyte (F2A78M-D3H) FM2 4DDR3/sata6g/usb3/raid80.00
MB_ASUS (A88XM-A) FM2/FM2+ 4DDR3/DVI/sata6g/usb3/Raid97.00
--- Socket LGA 1155 ---0.00
MB_Gigabyte (B75M-D3H) LGA1155 4DDR3/HDMI/Sata6G/Usb389.00
--- Socket LGA 1150 ---0.00
MB_Asus (H61M-DG4) LGA 1150 2DDR3/Sata6g/USB363.00
MB_Gigabyte (B85M-DS3H) LGA 1150 4DDR3/Sata6g/USB3/Raid/DVI75.00
MB_Gigabyte (H97M-D3H) LGA 1150 4DDR3/Sata6g/USB3/Raid/DVI105.00

Network Cards PCI

Network Card 10/100 PCI card14.00
Gigabit 100/1000 PCI card25.00
Gigabit 100/1000 PCI-Ex card35.00

Network Switches & Routers

5port Switch 10/10030.00
8port Switch 10/10044.00
16port Switch 10/10075.00
5port OEM 10/100/1000 Switch32.00
8port OEM 10/100/1000 Switch49.00
16port NetGear 10/100/1000 Switch110.00

Network Cards Wireless

Level One wireless PCI B/G24.00
Level One wireless USB B/G24.00
IO_Gear wireless USB B/G29.00
SMC EZNet wireless PCI B/G35.00
Trendnet wireless PCI B/G/N TEW64341.00
Level One wireless PCI B/G/N WNC-060063.00
D-Link DWA-556 wireles PCIe 1x B/G/N74.00
-- Wireless DSL/Cable Routers --0.00
Wired DSL Router 4 port36.00
ASUS RT-N10 150 10/100 wireless rtr B/G/N37.00
ASUS RT-N12 300 10/100 wireless rtr B/G/N48.00
Link 1043ND 300 Gigabit wireless rtr B/G/N73.00
ASUS RT-N16 300 Gigabit wireless rtr B/G/N105.00

Power Supplies, Surge Protectors & UPS

350watt (20/24pin) ATX UL 90 day warranty32.00
450watt (20/24pin) ATX UL 1yr warranty56.00
500watt (20/24pin) ATX UL 1yr warranty71.00
550watt (20/24pin) ATX UL 1yr warranty88.00
850watt (20/24pin) SLI Ready ATX 1yr146.00
Triplite TLP604 6 plug Surge Strip10.00
Triplite TLP604tel 6 plug w/Modem Surge12.00
CyberPower UPS (400va) Home/Office backup48.00
CyberPower UPS (550va) Home/Office backup62.00
APC Backup UPS (350va) 14 minute60.00
APC Backup UPS (500va) 15 minute79.00


---- Office Products ----0.00
MS Office 2013 Home / Student143.00
MS Office 2013 Home / Business189.00
Microsoft OEM (MLK) Medialess Lic Kit0.00
MS Office 2010 Pro Word/Excel/Access/PP (PKC)342.00
---- Operating Systems ----0.00
MS VISTA Business Edition (OEM) DVD75.00
MS Windows 7 Professional (DVD)159.00
MS Windows 10 Home 64bit DVD123.00
MS Windows 10 Pro 64bit DVD159.00
Win2012 Std Server 5User Access (OEM)765.00

Sound Cards & Speakers

Sound Blaster SE Audigy 7.1 PCI39.00
---- Speakers ----0.00
Cyber Acoustic (2015) 2pc USB BEIGE14.00
Cyber Acoustic (2016) 2pc USB Black14.00

Switch Boxes

Printer/Serial 25pin (2 way) A/B15.00
Switch Box Cable 25pin M/M (6ft)10.00
Monitor&Keyboard VGA/AT KB (2way)22.00
Monitor&Keyboard VGA/PS2 KB (4way)25.00
Monitor Switch Cables (15m/15m) 6 ft15.00
2way KVM KIT PS/2 w/Cables45.00
4way KVM KIT PS/2 w/Cables74.00

USB & Misc Products

Flash Card Reader 12in1 Internal18.00
Flash Card Reader 12in1 External22.00
USB 2.0 6ft A-B Printer/Scanner Cable8.00
USB 2.0 10ft A-B Printer/Scanner Cable9.00
USB 2.0 10ft A-A Extention Cable9.00
USB 2.0 15ft Range Extender39.00
USB 3.0 Card (PCI Bus) 2 USB Ports39.00
USB 3.0 Card (PCI Bus) 2 USB Ports39.00
USB to Parallel Printer Adapter29.00
HUB USB 2.0 IOGear 4 Port (GUH275) Micro18.00
HUB USB 2.0 IOGear 4 Port (GUH264) Desktop26.00
HUB USB 2.0 IOGear 7 USB Ports45.00

Video Cards PCI-Xpress

1GB Geforce 210 DDR2 550MHz Dual46.00
1GB Geforce GT610 64bit DDR2 Dual50.00
1GB Geforce GT720 128bit DDR3 Dual93.00
2GB Geforce GT740 128bit DDR5 Dual119.00
2GB Geforce GTX750 DDR5 VGA/DVI/HDMI150.00

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