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Fem 21

Leading Australian wellness company, Lifestart Naturopathics, has released a first-of-its-kind herbal supplement to aid in the process of hormone regulation. Made from 21 herbal ingredients proven to restore hormonal balance, Fem21 is a powdered supplement that comes ready to use as a simple addition to shakes or smoothies.

The Situation

 The brand has experienced great success in Australia but was struggling to enter the United States e-commerce marketplace.


The Solution

Within weeks of partnering with CARTSQUAD, Fem21 was successfully launched in the United States on several major online platforms such as AmazonWalmartOverstock, and many more! U.S. Customers can now easily access and purchase Fem21’s products with ease.


The Results

During the first few weeks after enlisting the services of CARTSQUAD, Fem21 has seen a dramatic increase in sales to the tune of a 460% increase across all online platforms.

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