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Do you still
manually add products
in your stores?

Effortlessly list your new-with-tags (NWT) items across multiple channels with our UPC/ASIN scanning technology. 

Our system automates the listing process, making it faster and more efficient to reach a wider audience.

Product Listing

Avoid routine work. Don’t spend time on the manual product listing - better spend more time on classy marketing campaigns. Quickly launch all your products from your website to marketplaces or marketplace to marketplace. You can have as many online shops as you want, and Resale will help you easily connect the most popular sales channels and manage all product data in one place. Save many hours spent on managing each shop or marketplace separately.

Connect all products in one place

Fast and easy migration to new channels

Order Information Sync

One control center for inventory

Bonus growth hack

Stock Sync

Sellers manually enter product quantity connecting listings on their platforms. Resale automates most of the processes that used to need hours to spend. It doesn’t matter how many products or sales channels you have - you can sync them automatically here.

Instant product sync with all channels

Very quick and automated synchronization of products with multiple sales channels allows you to cut hours of manual work.

Order Information Sync

Last call quantity setting

Deliver your customer orders anywhere, anytime, through any channel.

Put the power of the world’s largest fulfilment network at your fingertips.

MCF is a third-party logistics (3PL) solution that enables you to leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network and team of experts to pick, pack, ship, and deliver your customer orders from off-Amazon sales channels.

Connect a world of possibilities

With just one connection, instantly integrate the tools Shopify Plus merchants use every day to run their business.


Try free & save 45+ hours in life
on Boring Manual Work

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