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Homvare was started out of 800 sq. Ft rented space in Miami, FL in 2017 to sell holiday merchandise, excess closeout and liquidated home furnishings and clothing, small kitchen utensils etc., by selling those items online and listing them manually as well as picking, packing & shipping from the small warehouse.


After partnering with CARTSQUAD in late 2018 as well as adding many brands and products, Homvare now has over 500 brands with over thousands of unique SKU’s selling Direct to Consumer via its own site Homvare as well over 15 marketplaces in the US and internationally thanks to the very well qualified and capable team at CARTSQUAD.

The Situation

  • Originally sold only on Ebay and Amazon

  • Wanted to grow its online business by selling on more marketplaces

  • Needed technology to integrate with more channels and needed eyeballs and core targeted advertising and marketing strategy.

At launch, Homvare was selling only on eBay and Amazon. The company wanted to integrate with emerging marketplaces that had recently launched. Additionally, with new marketplaces channeled with one solution provider to get optimum results.


The Solution

CARTSQUAD to integrate with over 15 new marketplaces & a fully optimized growth strategy with keeping our image brand message in mind while maintaining data transparency.

Homvare started using CARTSQUAD for its Marketplaces to grow its online reach and take advantage of the integration pieces, helping integrate with marketplaces like Wish, Newegg, Overstock, Wayfair, Walmart.

We did not want to attempt to build our own technology for fulfillment, integration, customer service, reverse logistics and marketing to be distracted them from our core business. The value CARTSQUAD offers through their sales expertise, marketing, end-to-end Logistics, managing inventory, and providing the best customer service is exceptional.


The Results

  • Increased our unique products to over 5000

  • Grew our business 300% the first year

  • Expanded to twelve new marketplaces in 4 months

  • Focused on growing our D2C (DTC) offering and increasing products in the holiday and seasonal category

Homvare has expanded significantly as well as added many new channels and continues to grow, both domestically and internationally. We are excited to grow internationally as CARTSQUAD expands our selection to Canada, Australia, Middle East as well as South America through Mercado Libre.

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